The Quarterly Arts Magazine

The Reuben Lenkiewicz Quarterly Arts Magazine

This is a new, remarkable publication which has has been a labour of love. It’s a publication that contains articles, photographs, interviews and academic debates written by artists, academics and myself.

It includes my own thoughts about my father’s paintings, and his ideas on life and art. In the quarterly, I also not only share memories of my childhood and the extraordinary characters around the studio, such as Diogenes and The Bishop, but also the creativity of the artists and eccentrics who I grew up knowing.

The quarterly will contain stories about amazing experiences… such as watching the paintings and projects develop… what it was like to have your father fake his own death… what it was like to know Diogenes throughout my childhood.

As well as containing in-depth articles on the work, ideas and life of my father, the publication will also cover debates from art history and the art world today. This will include analyses of and interviews with contemporary artists.

If you wish to support THE REUBEN LENKIEWICZ QUARTERLY ART MAGAZINE  email me and I will send you an introduction.

Coming Soon – Take out an annual subscription to this exclusive publication online

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