The Reuben Lenkiewicz Arts Magazine #1

Paintings by Robert Lenkiewicz

“Be Amazed By What You See”

“Just as my father Robert Lenkiewicz, said he tried to offer a feast for the eye. So we also try to offer the same at the gallery”. Reuben Lenkiewicz.

The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery is curated by Reuben Lenkiewicz the son of the painter Robert Lenkiewicz. It specialises in selling and buying works by Robert Lenkiewicz. Reuben has a unique knowledge and experience of his fathers paintings and life. The gallery is also a cultural venue which brings his father’s art and life to a larger audience through exhibitions and talks. Finally the gallery also sells a small number of quality artists chosen for their unique and remarkable qualities.

The gallery prides itself on having the largest selection in the southwest of both original paintings and limited Editions.

The gallery also presents a number of cultural activities. Such as classical concerts and poetry readings. We offer a book club and guitar club on Sundays.

Reuben Standing in the Gallery

Self portrait, by Robert Lenkiewicz

A centre of excellence for the works of Robert Lenkiewicz curated by Reuben Lenkiewicz, the son of the artist.

Mouse With Wool An Interior By Robert Lenkiewicz

Below Are A Selection Of Original Works
Available From The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery

Below Are A Selection Of Perfect Condition Lithographs
Signed & Certificated Limited Editions

The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery.
Vincent played by Reuben Lenkiewicz

The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery
Reuben Lenkiewicz Plays Cavatina By Stanley Myers



My name is Reuben Lenkiewicz. I am the son of the Plymouth artist Robert Lenkiewicz.

Seven years ago I opened The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery in Teignmouth which specialises in my fathers art.


I am writing to you to tell about and invite you to a new exciting exhibition at the grand opening of the new Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery The Box.

The Box is a remarkable investment and it makes Plymouth one of the most important cities for the Arts in England.

The people of Plymouth will now benefit hugely from its resources. A first example of this is this opening exhibition called “Our Art”.

It contains a colourful and unique range of paintings from the best artists from the history of the city. Including Sir Joshua Reynolds, Stanhope Forbes, Beryl Cook and Robert Lenkiewicz.


On a personal note this exhibition is the successful culmination of 6 years hard work, planning and fighting to get an important quality painting by my father into a major public exhibition. I could not be happier with the outcome.

A little back story. A few years ago I realised one of the last and most important painting was being sold. I felt very saddened by this and decided to try to buy the painting and place it in a public setting rather than allow it to end up hidden in private ownership. I raised with huge enthusiasm from friends and supporters the money needed and bought the painting at auction. I then offered it to The Box on loan so it could remain in Plymouth for the public to enjoy.

I am hugely grateful to all the help I have had from the people working to make this happen.


However my aim and dream is that this is only the beginning and I hope the next stage will be to work with The Box towards a solo retrospective exhibition

 of my fathers work across the range of social issues which preoccupied him.


I have always believed my fathers art is more important and relevant to our times than the art world has realised.

Put simply his contribution as an artist is greatly underrated. I strongly believe in time this will still change.

His rejection of conceptual art and its obsession with money made him irrelevant to the art world. However in time I believe this will change as it is his interest in human behaviour and particularly social issues that make him significant.

The reason I think this and many others as well is because the range of social issues he focused on throughout his projects from Vagrancy, Old Age, Addiction, death and sexual Behaviour to name just a few are exactly what our society faces today.

The subjects and focus in his work makes him a very important and relivant artist.


Regarding the future my next project is to open a large new art gallery in Ashburton which will house many more paintings and have a Robert Lenkiewicz Museum and educational part to the building.


The painting on show at The Box is called “Mouse With Wool” and it is a large 7 by 8 foot early work and along side it are a group of studies which Robert did through the planning process for the painting. We are very lucky to still have them as they help to shed light on the themes, ideas and geometry of the painting.

I remember he regarded it as his most successful painting. The painting is concerned with ideas about free will and the fate of the individual. It references “the golden section” in its geometry and the history of paganism, witchcraft and religion in relation to free will in its themes. It is also a homage to the Rembrandt and expression through painting.

Reuben Lenkiewicz


I invite the press to come to see me this Thursday at 1:00 at The Box at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery.

 Regards Reuben Lenkiewicz

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