Artists Of Special Quality Available From The Reuben Lenkiewicz Fine Art Gallery

“As curator of The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery I mostly focus on my fathers art Robert Lenkiewicz. However throughout my life I have been inspired by artists of all times and styles. I have also been surrounded by artists from my earliest years. I have wanted to show this in the selection of fine artists available from The Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery”. Reuben Lenkiewicz

A selection of artists from The Reuben Lenkiewicz Arts Festival Photographer Mike Alsford

Robbie Duff-Scott 
Robbie was British oil painter, born in Bristol in 1959.BiographyRobbie Duff-Scott was born in Bristol in 1959. He was educated at Clifton College then York University where he studied French and English literature.After graduating in 1980, Duff-Scott began to teach himself to paint, studying the techniques used by the Renaissance masters. Drawn to Italy by ‘the dark’ of Caravaggio, he moved there in 1984 with novelist Lisa St Aubin de Terán. He eventually settled permanently in Umbria, where in 1990, his daughter Florence was born.
That same year he held an exhibition in Rome which brought him to the attention of Scottish art critic Claire Henry, her interest resulted in two further exhibitions for Duff-Scott in Glasgow. 
During the decades that followed he developed and refined his technique; joining the Francis Kyle Gallery in 1997. He continued to live in Italy, exhibiting his work there and in numerous other European cities, including solo show’s in Amsterdam, Cologne, Belfast and London.
In 2016 aged 57, Duff-Scott died of a stroke in Italy where he is now buried. His daughter Florence Duff-Scott returned a collection of his paintings to the South West, where she plans to continue exhibiting them. Florence lives and works in Devon.

Artist Statement ‘At first it is the silent characters, the faces wrapped in stillness,  that draw you in, but the backgrounds of the paintings can often be the most striking feature. They are a mysterious, pulsating setting for forms to appear and metamorphose. At times it is an ancient wall ravaged by the passage of time, on which images evolve, break away, and live awhile only to be engulfed again. In some cases only the contour of an object lingers, like a chalk mark around a body.In other works the background resembles an ancient, time worn fresco, a vague area suffused with enchantment, on which the coloured pigment is laid on thickly in some areas, and apparently dissolves in others. Before this sensitive curtain, the characters we have already met are accompanied by everyday objects, set near to others of a more uncommon nature. Their emblematic presence carries us off in a whirl of allusions, memories, and allegorical appeals. And then again it is sometimes as if these tangible forms are captured moments, pools of silence and repose, the rightness of placed things, amongst the commotion that begins at their borders.’ – Robbie Duff-Scott
Awards1982 – Finalist for the John Player Portrait award,National Portrait Gallery London.1986 -Prize winner at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.
Past Exhibitions 1990 Morra, Perugia Province, Italy 1990 Circolo Tifernate Accademia Degli Illuminati, Citta di Castello, Italy1991 Galleria Rossini, Rome, Italy 1991 “Soliloques”Artbank Gallery,Glasgow1992 Veldsvorm Gallery, Amsterdam1993 Comune di Tuscania,Viterbo, Italy 1994 Centro De Gasperi, Milan, Italy 1994 Osper Gallery, Cologne1995 “Comfort of Strangers” Veldsvorm Gallery, Amsterdam 1997 Castillo di Montegridolfo, le Marche, Italy1998 Villa Fidelina Spello, Italy2000 Francis Kyle Gallery, London 2001 Sala Consiare, Montone, Italy2002 Francis Kyle Gallery, London2004 Galleria Montecastelli, Umbertide, Italy 2005 Galleria Montecastelli, Umbertide, Italy2007 Galleria Il Cercio, Perugia, Italy2008 Galleria La Loggia,Arezzo, Italy2008 Eakin Gallery,Belfast,Ireland 2009 Galleria Pomarancio,Umbertide,Italy2010 “Frutti Toccati” Fondazione Federico ll,Palermo, Italy2011 Eakin Gallery Belfast, Ireland 2012 “Because we are also what we have lost”Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea – Rocca di Umbertide,Italy 2014 ” The wale that swallowed the moon”Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea – Rocca di Umbertide, Italy. 

Jo Beer. I am based in Cornwall UK. My work is predominantly figurative. The wonderful thing about people is that there is no such thing as an ‘ordinary’ person. I love detail, be it fabrics, patterns, or styles, or blemishes, scars, folds, creases,tones of a nude. I choose to use oil always, it has a wonderful silky fluidity that suits my work. I have twice been a finalist in Sky Art Portrait Artist of the Year, with one of my images being selected to appear over and over in a huge installation of a portrait of The Mona Lisa on Clapham Common, London following series one. I am currently working on a series of approximately 30 anonymous portraits for a solo exhibition in Devon, UK in Oct 2019. ‘On The Face Of It’ refers to the way that we pass judgement at first glance, and that our opinion can change if we take the time to look a little closer.

In 2018 I became a finalist in ‘Devon Life’ -Landscape artist of the year

“As an artist I am simply trying to capture,
share and celebrate what I see around me”.

Steve Bowden. I am largely self-taught as an artist. My background is in Graphic Design which gives me an understanding of the relationship between colour and emotion. The paintings are loose and painterly in style using mixed media. Although I am aware of scale and perspective I use a location purely for inspiration and as a reference point, quite happily disregarding the natural order of things.

I am lucky to live in Devon and constantly nip across the border to Cornwall. I find both counties astonishingly varied and beautiful, from the bleak wilds of the moors to the bustling summer beaches. The seasons provide a constant change of weather and light which never fail to inspire and challenge me as a painter. It’s an absolute thrill to be out with a camera and sketchbook and then return to the studio with a head full of ideas.

Simon Fowler ” I am 60, and have been a life long oil painter, originally taught and inspired by my Grandfather, who was a prolific artist in Bristol where I grew up. Most of my work is inspired by the natural landscape and am at present continually drawn to painting Dartmoor landscapes. I have in the past few years moved to painting on board, which has changed the way I paint, for the better. My choice of paint has mostly been winsor & newton, but more recently I have started to integrate Maimeri italian pigments into my palette, which has brought a greater vibrancy to my work. I have spent all my life outdoors and feel I have an affinity with the natural world, also spending 35 years as a caver on the mendip hills and riding motorcycles all my life. I paint every day and discover something new everytime I paint”.

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